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bodies need work...

that's why they need bodywork.



Myofascial Release


Deep Tissue




Conveniently located steps away from the A train at 181st Street in the serene Hudson Heights neighborhood of Manhattan.

* by appointment only *

Bodies are beautiful. 

Black bodies are beautiful.

Black bodies matter.


My  —  



My approach to and goals for all my massage therapy treatments are one and the same, and actually very simple -- I want you to leave feeling better than when you arrived. Significantly better, if possible. 


Whether this means you just need to decompress from your life's stressors, or if it means you've been dealing with pain or discomfort that you need help alleviating, I will do all that I can to provide for you exactly what you're looking for in a massage treatment.

I also believe that for you to feel your best, and continue feeling your best, it is critical that we discuss your life circumstances and how they relate to your physical well-being (or lack thereof), that I educate you about the goings-on of your body, and that I impart self-care techniques for you to practice at home.

I believe in massage therapy and through it have helped countless people find their way to a happier and healthier state of being -- I hope you'll allow me the opportunity to do the same for you.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 


Sophia is a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist and has been practicing in New York City since 2013. Having graduated from the renowned Swedish Institute, she received the highest caliber of massage training, including knowledge of modalities like Shiatsu, reflexology, Tui Na, polarity therapy, craniosacral therapy, and manual lymphatic drainage. While knowledge of all these styles has helped shape Sophia as a massage therapist, her specialization is in deep tissue, myofascial release, sports, trigger point therapy, and medical massage, having developed her own unique style based on these methods. She strives at creating a balance between a relaxing experience and focus to and alleviation of problem areas. Sophia is also certified in Prenatal and Postpartum massage, and loves helping women cope with the physical challenges that occur during and following pregnancy.

Before venturing to massage school, Sophia earned a BA from Pace University (Summa Cum Laude) in Philosophy and Dance, both of which continue to serve as influences on the way she approaches bodywork. Like her educational background, Sophia exceeds at marrying the cerebral with the artful, and creating a truly therapeutic massage session, she has come to understand, requires both. After a session with Sophia, clients can expect to feel both thoroughly relaxed as well as improvement in any preexisting areas of pain, tension, or discomfort.


About  —  



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Sophia was interviewed for an article about self-massage featured on Cosmopolitan Magazine's website!

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Northern Manhattan's real estate experts Sovereign Associates featured Sophia Burdett Therapeutic Massage on their blog!

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more reviews . . .

Sophia's thorough understanding of anatomy, her ability to impart useful information, and the wisdom in her healing hands makes her one of the very best massage therapists I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I suffered for months with pain and burning in my shoulders (I was a MESS!) and after one session I began to feel relief....after three my pain was gone. I love her!

-Lori B.

By far the best massage therapist I have ever met in my life. I recently torn my meniscus and was having a difficult time running. The pain was severe and non-stopping. Thanks to Sophia, I have fully recovered from my surgery and I am back running again. One of her specialities is her ability to understand people's injuries and muscle problems. By far, she is the best of the best. I will never go to another therapist again.

-Eluyn G., Army Officer

Sophia is surprisingly strong for her size, and her mastery of a variety of techniques worked out knots in my back muscles I had thought would never be relieved. She used a thorough, holistic approach and was very knowledgable in conversation about everything she was doing. She also had a very calming, tranquil presence that set me at ease and helped me shed additional tension.

-Ryan L.

Getting work done by Sophia is like being submerged in a hot pool of healing energy. Her hands are unobtrusive, graceful and strong. It feels unlike a separate person making contact with your body, but rather an extension of your own body honing in on areas of tension and melting them away.

-Cat Y.

Sophia was an angel during an extremely stressful time. I felt well taken care of, and after the massage felt better than most other post massage sessions...I so look forward to my next appointment.

-Cynthia B.

My experience with Sophia was wonderful and so much more than I expected! She gave me a bunch of tips as we were discussing my daily activities (on the computer) as well as breathing. It was an overall awesome experience.

-Maria S.

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$140 per hour


Tax included. Gratuity not necessary.

45 Minutes

60 Minutes

75 Minutes

90 Minutes

105 Minutes

120 Minutes

Sessions can include:

  • Deep Tissue

  • Myofascial Release

  • Swedish

  • Sports

  • Medical

  • Prenatal

Aromatherapy options offered free of charge



$4 off the hourly rate


$8 off the hourly rate


$12 off the hourly rate

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Feel free to contact me with any questions about my services, rates, or scheduling an appointment.

Thanks for reaching out! I'll respond to your message as soon as I can.



  • What is your availability?
    Sunday-Thursday Earliest appointment is 12:00pm and latest appointment ends at 9:00pm.
  • How do I book an appointment?
    Click on the "Book Online" button and follow the prompts! If you have any trouble or questions, feel free to send me a message via the Contact Form. A credit card will be needed to procure your appointment online.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    If you need to cancel your session, it is requested that you do so at least 24 hours in advance. Any appointments canceled or changed within 24 hours will be charged in full for the session.
  • Do you offer in-home sessions?
    Sorry but no, I work solely out of my space. If you're seeking in-home massages you can try Zeel or Soothe.
  • What are your safety measures for COVID-19?
    You can read my full list of new health and safety protocols here.
  • What methods of payment do you accept?
    Cash and credit/debit cards are both accepted, as well as FSA & HSA cards. Health insurance is currently not accepted.
  • Do your rates include tax?
    Yes, taxes are built in to the cost of a session.
  • Am I expected to pay gratuity?
    Gratuity is not accepted. If you are happy with your session, a great way to show your appreciation is to refer your friends and family (don't forget about the "Refer a Friend" discount) and/or submit a testimonial/review via the Contact Form or any social media platforms.
  • What should I expect on my first visit?
    When you arrive for your first session, we'll sit down to discuss your intake form as well as your goals for treatment. I will also be able to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have, and once we're done chatting we'll start the session!
  • Do I need to bring anything to the session?
    I suggest bringing a water bottle so you can continue to hydrate after you leave the session, and maybe a small snack as well in case the bodywork makes you feel hungry. For anyone with long hair, I suggest bringing something to put your hair back with (e.g. hair-tie, hair clip, bandana, or headband).
  • Are there any medical conditions that would make massage therapy inadvisable?
    Yes, there are certain conditions that would cause massage to be contraindicated, such as fever, contagious disease, systemic infections, and severe hypertension. There are also medical conditions that would still allow for massage to be administered, but would require altered treatment. If you think you have such a condition, please be sure to include it in your intake form.
  • Will I feel sore after my massage?
    Soreness after a massage is very possible and completely normal, especially if a session includes deep tissue work. This feeling should subside 1-2 days after the session, and if it does not, please bring it to my attention.
  • How often should I receive massage therapy?
    This depends entirely on you and what your particular needs happen to be. If you are experiencing any sort of acute symptoms that cause you pain or discomfort, sessions as often as once per week might be a good idea. However, receiving massage therapy once a month for chronic conditions and general preventative care is usually a good way to go.

Do you have a question that I have not addressed?

Feel free to ask! You can submit any questions or comments via the Contact Form.

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