Healing Hands for Healthcare Heroes

Since the first days of the COVID-19 crisis, our frontline healthcare workers have stepped up in the most courageous and steadfast ways, despite often unsafe work environments and an appalling lack of personal protective equipment. These people, our doctors, nurses, paramedics, EMT's, etc, have been our saving grace, our knights in shining armor, our true saviors through this insane time. I have enthusiastically participated in the daily 7:00 cheer to honor them, but my desire to support this community could never be fully conveyed through a few minutes of daily applause, so I began to think about a way in which I could further show my appreciation. As I have been forcefully unemployed during this crisis, I have been unable offer financial support as I normally would have liked to, so instead I have created an initiative to give something back to our healthcare heroes in a different way...

Nominate your favorite healthcare worker(s) below and recipients will be randomly selected on a weekly basis. 

**Massages will be 60 minutes. Please ensure that your nominee is located in/near or is willing to travel to Hudson Heights for their massage and that they have no medical issues that would prevent them from being able to receive massage therapy.**

As my way of saying thank you, I will be donating

for eight weeks to one of our incredible frontline healthcare workers, without whom we would have been entirely lost through this crisis.



Nominate a Healthcare Hero

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