New Safety Measures & Protocols

The novel coronavirus has rocked the globe, and New York City has been hit harder than anywhere the world over. Things are definitely getting better, but we're not out of the woods yet, and sadly we won't be completely out for quite some time. But we are continually getting closer to returning to some semblance of normal, and New York is slowly and carefully reopening. And now that I am open again (yay!), here is what you can expect...


Clients will now receive an additional digital form prior to each appointment asking that they verify that they are not currently experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 and have not exposed themselves to high risk environments.


Clients will be required to wash their hands immediately upon arrival. There is now a hands-free soap dispenser in the restroom.


Both myself and all clients will be required to wear a face mask at all times, the only exception being when the client is face-down on the table; there will however be a safeguard in place for that position (see "Table Mask" below).


I will be changing into a fresh face mask in between each client, and will also be wearing protective goggles. My masks are handmade by yours truly, an effort into which I put a lot of research and work to make sure they are high quality and as effective as possible, click here to learn more.

Table Mask

In lieu of wearing a face mask while face-down on the table, I have fashioned a large cloth sac that will be placed under and sealed around the face cradle. There is a small fan inside the table mask to promote air flow and breathability therein. I view this as possibly the most important change I have implemented as it will highly reduce the risk of respiratory particles being exchanged between client and therapist. Click here for more info.

Increased Sanitation

I am leaving extra time in between appointments to allow for increased sanitation of all equipment, supplies and commonly touched surfaces using hospital-grade germicide. I am also adjusting my laundry protocols to minimize the risk of fomite transmission between linens.

Treatment Room Air

The door to the treatment room will remain open during all sessions to promote flow of clean air (no worries, you will still have complete privacy), and there will also now be a HEPA air filter in the room to help purify the atmosphere.

Have additional questions or concerns?

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